Following the NWGFL committee meeting last night, and the recent FA announcement,  NWGFL committee voted fully to respect the wishes of our club members and go with the majority vote from the recent end of 2020/2021 season survey.

In both Adult and Youth football the majority vote was for the season to be null and void, ending with a Champions League/Europa League tournament.

Details of the proposed tournament, have been sent to every club member, as a guide and is based on all teams entering. NWGFL will be looking to commence this on the weekend of the 17th / 18th April 2021, as long as government guidelines allow.  Adult clubs that are playing in the County Cup that weekend will commence the following weekend.  

To enable the tournament to progress please email your Divisional Secretary details as below, with your club name and which division you play in, and if you wish to enter the tournament, we will need confirmation by the end of the 23rd March 2021, so within the next 7 days, before the draws are made and the fixtures are set.

U9,  U10, U11 – Divisional Secretary – Louise Riseborough – U12 – Divisional Secretary – Julie Hutchin – U13 – Divisional A Secretary –  Julie Hutchin – U13 – Divisional B Secretary – Kayleigh Ellwood –   U14 – Divisional A Secretary – Steve Ryan – U14 – Divisional B Secretary –  Alison Moore – U15 – Divisional Secretary – Alison Moore – U16 – Divisional Secretary – Louise Riseborough – Ladies 7 – Divisional Secretary – Caroline Aldous – Ladies 11 Division One Secretary – Netti Champion – Ladies 11 Division Two Secretary – Caroline Aldous –

Any questions please contact your Divisional Secretary.