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NWGFL are part of the FA trial to remove deliberate heading in football matches across U12 level and below in England from the start of the 2022/23 season.

During the trial we will be observing matches and collecting data, as well as gathering feedback and observations from everyone involved.

Why the trial?
• Aligns matches with training – currently heading in training at under 12s and below is eliminated or restricted.
• Support the development of more skilful players – stay on the ball when in possession.
• Player Welfare – mitigate against any potential risk that may be linked to heading the ball while research is ongoing in this area.

What exactly are the new laws that will be introduced as part of this trial?
The law changes for these trials are dictated by IFAB and state:

  1. Deliberately heading the ball is an offense punishable by an indirect free kick. This will also mean the introduction of indirect free-kicks in mini-soccer in this circumstance.
  2. The indirect free kick is taken at the point where the ball was deliberately headed, except where a player of the defending team deliberately heads the ball in their own penalty area, the indirect free kick is taken from the penalty mark.
  3. Deliberately heading the ball is not a cautionable (yellow card) or sending-off (red card) offence unless it:
  • Stops or interferes with a promising attack (yellow card)
  • Denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (red card)
  • Occur often enough to be considered “persistent misconduct” (yellow card)

The FA have developed some resources that explains the process, please see below:

Heading in Football Trial Q&A

Heading in Football Trial Guidance

Heading in Football Trial – Clubs

Heating in Football Trial – Parents

Heading in Football Trial – Coaches


If you are looking within your own clubs to offer your younger age provision the opportunity to play football within a team environment against other teams from different clubs. The league is for this season offering clubs free entry into the U7 and or U8 divisions.
To enable clubs more time to recruit when the children return to school, these divisions will commence the first week of November 2022.
Please complete the team entry form available on the league website


The 2021/2022 season is coming to an end, its been challenging but hugely successful. NWGFL would like to congratulate each and every team who have played this season. With recognition to the following league and cup winners as below:

Ladies 11 Cup Winners – Fakenham Town Ladies

Ladies 11 Plate Winners – Dussindale and Hellesdon Ladies

Ladies 11 Division 1 Winners – Mulbarton Ladies

Ladies 11 Division 2 Winners – Caister Ladies

Ladies 7 Cup Winners – Costessey Women FC

Ladies 7 League Winners – Mulbarton Ladies

U16 Cup Winners – Bohemians Panthers

U16 League Winners – Sprowston Girls FC

U15 Cup Winners – Blofield United FC

U15 League Winners – Blofield United FC

U14 Cup Winners – Gorleston FC Emeralds

U14A League Winners – Gorleston FC Emeralds

U14B League Winners – Yarmouth FC

U13 Cup Winners – Beccles Town Youth FC

U13 League Winners – Gorleston FC Diamonds

U12 Cup Winners – Blofield United FC

U12A League Winners – Blofield United Youth FC & Wymondham United Wolves

U12B League Winners – Bure Valley Bobcats

NWGFL Statement 26/08/21

League Statement Regarding Fixtures


This is an open letter to a small number of teams/individuals within the Norfolk Women’s and Girls Football League, following the release of the fixtures this week.

The NWGFL committee were left feeling dismayed and disillusioned following comments from certain quarters on social media. The committee have given up large portions of their summer to ensure the entire league setup is geared up for the new season; by way of creating fixtures, hosting meetings to discuss rule changes and a variety of other tasks that needed completing.

Not least of all contending with an ever-changing landscape; teams dropping out, teams wanting to enter after the constitution has been agreed or others wanting to move divisions. Rather than refusing these requests, the league committee do their very best to accommodate requests and try to fulfil our main objective – to nurture and grow the girl’s and women’s game in Norfolk.

Sometimes though, we have to say no. Either the request simply will not be feasible, or it’s too close to the start of the season and further amendments will delay the season even more.

On this occasion, the three Ladies 11’s divisions were reduced to 8 teams in a division due to late dropouts. Whilst not perfect, the decision was made within the committee to leave it as three divisions for a number of reasons:

  • There are the Women’s Cup, League Cup and Plate competitions to add in
  • Unfavourable winter weather nearly always results in several postponements every season, often making it incredibly difficult for the season to finish on time due to a fixture backlog.
  • The last two seasons have been curtailed due to the ongoing pandemic, and there is no guarantee that this season will start and finish unaffected by COVID. Games may be postponed due to positive cases or isolation reasons.

By having some free weeks towards the end of the season, this gives flexibility should either of the bottom two scenarios become an issue.

The personal attacks on the character and integrity of the league and its committee members has left us saddened and angry, and furthermore were completely unnecessary. We recognise that not every decision we make will please everyone all the time, but there is absolutely no need for some of the comments that have surfaced over the last few days.

Not long ago the footballing community came together for a social media blackout to highlight the serious issue of online social media abuse. The very same teams and individuals that more than likely honoured that blackout were clearly happy to dish out abuse of their own when it suited them, with no regard to their intended targets.

Like any organisation or individual, we welcome constructive feedback. Together, we can continue to improve and grow the NWGFL into something we are all proud of.


NWGFL Committee

Inclusive Girls Festival in association with NWGFL

Norfolk FA will be running a girl’s football inclusive festival on Saturday 25th September. If you have a daughter aged 5-11 years who would like to attend, please complete the booking form below.

The festival is designed specifically to be inclusive and to encourage girls with a disability to begin, or further develop, their love for football.

If you would like to discuss the festival in more detail before booking on, please get in contact with Rachel.Cossey@NorfolkFA.com.

The festival will be held in the afternoon at the FDC, Bowthorpe.

To book a place please click the below link and compete the expressions of interest form


NWGFL AGM – Tuesday 29th June – 7pm

NWGFL 2021/2022 AGM will be held online on Tuesday 29th June 2021 commencing at 7pm. It is compulsory for every club entering into the 2021/2022 season to attend the AGM.

All relevant AGM documentation will be circulated two weeks prior to the AGM.

LEAGUE STATEMENT – 2020/2021 Season

Following the NWGFL committee meeting last night, and the recent FA announcement,  NWGFL committee voted fully to respect the wishes of our club members and go with the majority vote from the recent end of 2020/2021 season survey.

In both Adult and Youth football the majority vote was for the season to be null and void, ending with a Champions League/Europa League tournament.

Details of the proposed tournament, have been sent to every club member, as a guide and is based on all teams entering. NWGFL will be looking to commence this on the weekend of the 17th / 18th April 2021, as long as government guidelines allow.  Adult clubs that are playing in the County Cup that weekend will commence the following weekend.  

To enable the tournament to progress please email your Divisional Secretary details as below, with your club name and which division you play in, and if you wish to enter the tournament, we will need confirmation by the end of the 23rd March 2021, so within the next 7 days, before the draws are made and the fixtures are set.

U9,  U10, U11 – Divisional Secretary – Louise Riseborough – louisenwgfl@gmail.com U12 – Divisional Secretary – Julie Hutchin – julienwgfl@gmail.com U13 – Divisional A Secretary –  Julie Hutchin –  julienwgfl@gmail.com U13 – Divisional B Secretary – Kayleigh Ellwood – kayleighNWGFL@gmail.com   U14 – Divisional A Secretary – Steve Ryan – steveNWGFL@gmail.com U14 – Divisional B Secretary –  Alison Moore –  alisonnwgfl@gmail.com U15 – Divisional Secretary – Alison Moore – alisonnwgfl@gmail.com U16 – Divisional Secretary – Louise Riseborough –  louisenwgfl@gmail.com Ladies 7 – Divisional Secretary – Caroline Aldous – carolinenwgfl@gmail.com Ladies 11 Division One Secretary – Netti Champion – nettichamps@gmail.com Ladies 11 Division Two Secretary – Caroline Aldous – carolinenwgfl@gmail.com

Any questions please contact your Divisional Secretary.

New Partnership Announced | 4sports

We are delighted to announce 4sports as our Official Teamwear and Trophies Partner! NWGFL member clubs can enjoy 30% off trophies and engraving, as well as access to Norfolk’s widest range of teamwear choice.

Jack Cockaday, 4sports Group: “We are delighted to be in partnership with Norfolk’s only Women’s and Girls Football League, they offer a fantastic route into football for all and we can’t wait to help support them in pushing the women’s and girls game”

4sports Website: https://www.4sportsgroup.com/

2020/2021 Season Update

Following a FA/League meeting last night, and our committee meeting on Tuesday we just wanted to give you all an update on where NWGFL currently stands.

The general consensus from the majority of the leagues is at present to hold on making any major decisions around the 2020/2021 season, if only for a few weeks to see what happens, we do not want to make decisions now that potentially could change in the future. There are options available in relation to reducing the number of games etc, but this will all depend on when it is deemed safe to return to football for all.

As a league we have had some fantastic ideas from our club members, and have been working hard as a committee on pulling a plan together to ensure if we are able to, we do not end the season on a low. We appreciate the impact on our players not being able to carry on playing the game they love at the moment, and if this continues to the point where it will be impossible to finish the season as too many games, we have in place plans for an alternative Champions/Europa League Style Tournament, that will see all our club members enjoying the last few weeks of the season, if they of course want to and if government rules allow this. We will keep you updated over the next few weeks, what is important is all involved with football remain well and safe, so please all look after yourselves and look after each other.


NWGFL League Update

Firstly we would like to start this post, thanking all our club members and volunteers who are front line workers, having to work solidly through these very testing and stressful times.

Following our meeting tonight, and with both Norfolk and Suffolk now in tier 4 we feel for the safety of all involved, we have made the decision to suspend all fixtures from immediate effect, this will be reviewed again on the 18th January 2021 at our next committee meeting.

Unlike adult football where both games and training has been suspended by the government. Youth at present, are still able to train, whilst following COVID guidelines, but please be mindful there is no cross county mixing, so players from Norfolk are not permitted to travel to Suffolk to train, and vice versa.

This decision has not come easily, we appreciate there are a lot of young people who are struggling at present, we are hoping with the schools starting later in January and the commencement of the vaccines, football will be able to commence again in the not so distant future.

In relation to the games, we will be postponing all cup games, and looking to play these at the end of the season, if the weeks permit. We will also look at the divisions that initially were down to play each other three times, reducing these to playing each other twice, to ensure where possible we can conclude the season.

Most importantly please keep safe, keep supporting each other, and let’s pull together to ensure all our players, supporters, volunteers and club members have all our ongoing support during these difficult times.

Wishing you all a safe 2021.